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When it comes to erotic massage in Las Vegas there is a myriad of options. A trip to Chinatown in Las Vegas proves this spectrum of massage options to be vast. There are hundreds of incall erotic massage options in the city of sin. These businesses advertise in-house massage, reflexology, foot massage, full body massage, shower tables, tantra massage, Nuru massage in Las Vegas, and sensual deep tissue massage. Most feature Asian massage girls and are Asian-owned businesses, however, some feature a variety of ethnicities. Many of these incall massage houses are erotic in nature and offer the full-body “ happy ending “ massage, however many are focused on massage therapy, reflexology, and do not offer erotic services.

Outcall Las Vegas Asian Massage
Outcall Asian Massage Service GIrls

Sensual Massage Services in Las Vegas, Nevada

The problem for the average tourist is that there is no discernible difference in the way these businesses look and advertise. That said, the customer seeking a straight therapeutic deep tissue massage has no way of knowing if the massage house they choose offers said services. Conversely, the customer seeking an erotic component and “happy ending” in their massage has no way to know if these services are offered. It all becomes very confusing. Furthermore, because these businesses operate in a legal grey area, most are not licensed for therapeutic massage, and many are well known to employ Asian massage girls who are victims of human trafficking. In many cases, they work against their will. Because these businesses operate largely outside of the law, they are notorious for health code violations and often get shut down by the city only to reopen at a new location under a new business license. What’s worse is many are known as “clip joints” that lure clients in with the promise of sex, take their money, and subsequently have large bouncers kick them out the back door. It’s a shell game that’s not good for the massage girls, the clients, and ultimately causes frustrations. Fortunate for our clients AsainLasVegasMassage.com offers a better option.

A Brief History of Asian Erotic Massage

Asian erotic massage dates back thousands of years and is thought to have originated in China, Japan, and India. The practice centers around the concept of total body rejuvenation and holistic medicine. Asian therapeutic massage focuses on the stimulation of the life force to achieve better overall health and relaxation. To achieve the best results the masseuse focuses stimulation on areas of the body with the greatest perceived life force, following this mantra naturally leads to touching and stimulation of sexual regions of the body. The subsequent release produced from this form of massage is thought to lead to improved health, relaxation, and clarity of mind. The trance state produced by erotic Asian massage is incredibly relaxing and has been purported to produce a higher state of consciousness. The Kama Sutra revolves around these same ideas of sexual ecstasy as a release and gateway to higher spiritual consciousness.

Health Benefits of Massage

The health benefits of massage are vast. It is important to consider that some ninety percent of disease is generated or exacerbated by stress. Massage therapy and erotic massage are known the world over as great stress relievers. Although most of our clients are on a Las Vegas vacation that should in theory be relaxing in and of itself, we all know Vegas comes with certain stresses itself. Relieving stress through massage has ancillary benefits such as decreased anxiety, reduced fatigue, enhanced sleep quality, increased circulation, improved concentration, and greater energy. Many clients take their gambling seriously and need to hit the tables with a clear focused mind. Massage is a great way to eliminate stress, refocus the mind, and achieve the mental clarity needed for peak performance. There are many pure physiological benefits including repairing tight or atrophied muscles, reduction of spasm or cramping, improved circulation and delivery of blood and nutrients to vital organs, alleviation of back pain, and reduction of headaches. There are specific benefits to the erotic portion of the massage as well. Clients experiencing pent-up sexual energy often need a release to refocus their minds. The release provides a rush of endorphins and subsequent relaxation and mental clarity. Warm, easy-going, waves of happiness wash over the mind and body. Smiles are our end goal!

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