Calling an escort for the first time

I call, she answerers! “Hello” I stutter to say. She begins to laugh and replies “Hi honey, did you want some company?” I quickly replied yes!

She begins to ask how many hours, when, and where, as I explain the details almost as if asked by someone of high authority. Promptly and honestly, during the 2010’s they never verified clients as much as they do know. is still being around to browse tons of listings, that all seemed to end up to the same girls.

After the appointment was set, I began to clean my place as I had company coming. Not sure if the callgirl would even care or not.

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I received a text message she was located right outside, so I opened the door. Only to hear the sound of high heels, as I tried to see if it was the girl from the photos. At best the photos were a few years old, or of someone that looked sorta like her. Quickly informed I was paying for time, by the hour, and nothing more. Fully nude dances and extras require tips!

I suggested we go up to the bedroom, where she started to undress right away! I found myself falling behind, falling as I removed my pants.

As she looked at me, she asked if I had the money for the hour, or two in cash ready? I said it was on the dresser next to the bed, as I was requested. That’s when the fun started, able to open up about any roleplaying fantasy ideas I always wanted to do.

Paid an Escort in Las Vegas for her time
Paid an Escort in Las Vegas for her time

To my amazement, she was open to every idea, and the only negative was her slight rush and eye on her clock.

All in all, I had a great time, just know if the girl isn’t what you expect… Don’t be afraid to be rude and say no thank you. Possibly pretending you didn’t call at all, to save you a bad experience.

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