Catfished by an escort, aka bait and switch

The old bait and switch trick, an old retail term referring to advertising and product relations. The oldest industry in the world, it’s no shocker to see it in the paid companionship industry. Post a picture of an old, or even another escort, model, stripper, or even Instagram girl.

Surprise here is a 10 or 15 years older woman or completely different entirely. I only explain this to tell you this next story…

Catfished by a Las Vegas Escort

I want to start off by saying this is a true story, so please don’t laugh too hard. I Lived in Las Vegas, Nevada for about 6 years now. Only to visit strip clubs, VIP rooms, and maybe at most asking for extras of course with no luck. A Shy tech guy in Vegas didn’t make it easy to talk to escorts, even when working on escort websites.

But here it goes, first I attempt to call Las Vegas escort agencies I work with, selling website calls to or listing their girls on my website. Politely they refused, to avoid issues with someone they also do business with.

So I called a rival escort agency, changing my name and renting a hotel room as most do. To avoid anyone knowing my home address. The call goes great, I am expecting a 20’s blonde with a tattoo on her arm I saw in the images… Well, the tattoo was the least of my worries… When I opened the door, there was a decent-looking 40+-year-old woman with no tattoo… obviously, this is not the same girl…

But I am too scared to confront her, or even deal with whatever may follow. I simply say, it must be a prank address… but the hotel was in my fake name!!! So that lead me to confront her about her not being the escort I called from the Las Vegas Escorts website.

What happens next is unbelievable, I am asked if she can come in and explain… looking half-decent, and acting mature and calm… I agreed. After sitting on the end of the bed, she starts to tell me.

Honey, almost 80% don’t say a word about escorts’ bait and switch move. Because the girl is either very close looking, or they are too drunk to care.

The Las Vegas Escorts

This really ends the story as far as I would like to tell… I can’t say what I did or didn’t do… Here are more interviews with escorts and how to deal with escorts and even escort agencies. I will say you hardly see it with Las Vegas escort agency girls, rather than some adult classified listing.

Interview with escorts

This brings me to my serious advice, on how to treat an escort. My first advice is if you are not happy in the first 2 seconds.. play dumb and say no it’s not you or sorry wrong door. Feel free to confront the escort about her not being from the ad, but that could lead to a lot of issues.

Interview with an escort
Escort Interview

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