College Basketball March Madness has Escorts flying in

It’s no secret March is a busy time of year in Las Vegas. In fact, the self-proclaimed “entertainment capital of the world” is at its absolute peak volume for visitors in the last two weeks of March. So-called March Madness certainly lives up to its moniker as there is a convention, event, or holiday nearly every day in March and zero off days.

7 Tips for March Madness

Stacked on top of the busy March convention calendar are St. Patrick’s day celebrations, spring break at colleges and universities across the country, and NCAA men’s division one college basketball tournament. All this action leads to a 99% occupancy rate with the cities strip resort properties, downtown properties, and off-strip satellite properties. It’s a lucrative time for nearly every Vegas establishment but specifically for the city’s nightclubs, strip clubs, and other adult-oriented businesses.

As one old-school Vegas aficionado stated: “ if the sportsbooks are busy; the strippers, escorts, and hookers are busy”. It seems the same crowd of visitors who enjoys betting on games, enjoys spending their winnings on Vegas’s abundance of beautiful working girls. Escorts across the country are on to this trend and many leave their home city for Vegas and work the month of March.

March Madness in Las Vegas
March Madness in Las Vegas

This culmination of visitor volume, money to be spent, and girls from damn near everywhere makes the Month of March a great time to spend some time with an escort in Vegas. We spoke to a gentleman that we will refer to as Mr. D for the sake of anonymity about this March phenomenon in Las Vegas. Mr. D is the managing partner at our partnering escort agency, the largest in Las Vegas and an agency known for strict hiring practices. Mr. D told us “ March is great, we really get the pick of the litter and see hundreds of fresh faces seeking to work the month of March here in Vegas”. People flying in might consider looking for some adult entertainment from Sin City private strippers, Las Vegas escorts, or maybe a sensual massage.

March Madness in Las Vegas

He told us that many of these girls are not seasoned pros, but rather college students seeking to work their way through spring break and take full advantage of Vegas pool parties and nightspots while earning some extra money to finish out their semester. He went on to state, that these are not the kind of girls who stay in the game very long and will usually only work a season or two before graduation and move on into their various professions.

It sounded like a great deal to us, especially for clients seeking escorts who are young, fresh, full of youthful sexual energy, and looking to actually hang out and party with clients. Don’t get the wrong idea, these are not the only girls in town during March madness. March brings out the professionals in droves as well. Professional escorts from cities like Miami.

GIrls, Shows, Bands, and Sports all in Las Vegas March Madness

Los Angeles, New York City, and Chicago love to migrate to Las Vegas for the busy month of March. Kammy, an escort based in Miami Beach, told us she loves to get away from Miami during Ultra and winter music festivals, both occurring in March. She went on to describe the crowds these music festivals bring as drugged up and juvenile, adding “ it’s just a good time to get out of dodge and make some Vegas money”.

Lisa from Chicago added that the Midwest is still not free of its long winter and the weather in Las Vegas during March is perfect. With such a large influx of escorts, it might seem there would not be enough work for all the girls, however, this is not the case. Its basic economics says Mr. D if there is too much supply the girls simply work for a lower per hour rate. This combination of a variety of girls and competition driving prices down makes March in Vegas one of the absolute best times to hire an escort. The client gets the best of both worlds and that is the way we like it here at Have a fantastic March and happy escorting.

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