Girl talks about Tijuana donkey sex show aftermath

When it comes to donkey shows, I didn’t expect to see sex girls said to be doing the act of the sex show. We have a writer, let’s call her Isabel. Her story is short and sweet, unlike her encounter with this Mexican donkey show she signed up for…

Kamala to do donkey show in Tijuana
Kamala to do donkey show in Tijuana

Lets just start with are these things real? Honestly are woman having sex with a donkey?

Brad Dangerfield Journilest

Yes, and you would be supprised at the entitlement it gives some after

Isabel the donky sexy show girl

So you say aftermath, that sounds like a very spacific word to use. Why that choice statement?

Brad Dangerfield Journilest

Have you seen a horse penise, let alone a donky cock? The pain of ripping my vagina seemed to never stop. As it entered my chest cavity.

Isabel the donky sexy show girl

Have you ever tried stripping or escorting before?

Brad Dangerfield Journilest

Of course, but I might need a few weeks or months to heal after this!

Isabel the donky sexy show girl

We talked with the donkey after the show, who now says he’s retired as thats the tightest pussy he will ever get!

Some might claim this to be a tail of fiction, and to you sir I say go find and ask Isabel. That or begin your search for a Mexico Donkey Sex Show!

I find myself, asking… if this is real, then who wins? Watch the Vice video at the bottom of the page, only on youtube to learn more… If you want, I guess?…

Brad Dangerfield Journilest
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Rough Sex.. I guess?…
Bill Burr on Mexican Donkey Sex Show He Watched

An Artist Recreation

I Guss this is sorta how it would work, and was too afraid to ask or show Isabel. Just seems odd but in the vice video below, only allowed to be watched on YouTube. Explains it’s some kinda cultural ritual, amazingly as it sounds.

Donkey Sex: The Most Bizarre Tradition

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