Las Vegas escorts now wearing masks and face shields to boost business

I’m sure you’ve heard of double masks by now, and oh sure even a face shield as well?! Plus with contactless delivery, Las Vegas escorts have decided to double wrap and shield themselves! It’s unclear if the escort agencies or the girls themselves are choosing to do this.

Do I also have to wear a face mask? great now another fear! Can I chin diaper it at least? My doctor is going to hate the increase in my anxiety after this…

Las Vegas Escort with a mask for COVID
Escort asking a client to wear a medical mask

When meeting clients it’s not unusual now to be wearing double masks, plus face shields. Not too much is understood if you can request the girls to remove them. Currently, we are looking into Strippers in Las Vegas strip clubs also doing the same thing. Well, it’s a fact Strippers in Las Vegas, ARE WEARING MASKS… NO JOKE!

With COVID-19 now rising again, many places and people are stopping at nothing to quit working. All I can say is great, another thing to awkwardly ask the girl to take off… FML! If this continues, I’ll find myself unusually confused at the doctor’s office.

More news and information coming soon, check back later for more updates!

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