Las Vegas Escorts & Strippers Accepting Bitcoin Las Vegas is proud to announce it is now accepting Bitcoin as payment!  For those familiar with the cryptocurrency revolution this is a no-brainer. For those unfamiliar with Bitcoin or cryptocurrency here’s a brief rundown. Bitcoin functions like digital cash. It is as easy to send us an email, there are no transaction fees, and better yet it is anonymous. To hire private Las Vegas Strippers & Las Vegas Escorts.

This payment option should very much appeal to our tech-savvy clientele.  It should also appeal to anyone concerned about carrying cash and that dastardly credit card statement that is sure to follow you home.  If there is one thing that does not stay in Vegas it’s your credit card statement!  The advantages for Las Vegas escort clients using Bitcoins are vast.

Las Vegas Outcall Girls Accepting Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a completely secure payment platform, more so than even credit cards.  Transactions are immediate, secure, and totally anonymous. There is no credit card statement or paper trail with Bitcoins.  Escorts that accept Bitcoins are on your level!  At, our escorts like to get paid in Bitcoin as much as you like to spend them. For our Bitcoin enthusiasts a Vegas escort that accepts Bitcoins should be a total icebreaker, a fellow crypto nerd who happens to be female, dripping hot, and there to please you for Bitcoin!

It doesn’t get much better than that my friends.  The cryptocurrency revolution is upon us, and at we are elated to offer the best in Las Vegas adult entertainment and accept cutting-edge payment platforms. Vegasworthy escorts and Bitcoin accepted, happy escorting my friends.

Feel free to ask the girl for an address, in person or over the phone. But if all else fails, prepay for any services, simply send your bitcoin payments to:


Then contact us on WhatsApp

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