Las Vegas Escorts XBOX ONE GAME Leaked

Las Vegas Escorts XBOX ONE Game is set to release soon. Allowing you to play as an escort or a client. My source won’t release the gaming company behind the Las Vegas Escorts Xbox one game, or if it would even be available on PlayStation 5 or not. Obviously, it would possibly be a startup or independent game developer. How the hell they sold this to a distribution company astounds me. Possibly to help inform when you hire an escort you are paying for her time. Nothing more, but let’s be honest if a girl likes being hired for the company. THen I am sure you can tip for extras… Here are some leaked photos and videos below, if you think it’s a joke.

Sneak Peak of the Las Vegas Escorts XBOX ONE game play
Sneak Peak of the Las Vegas Escorts XBOX ONE gameplay
Real Porn Video Game Reviews for over 28 days
Rick Rolled readers about a Las Vegas escort XBOX ONE game soon to release

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