Losing Las Vegas the true story

During COVID-19 aka the coronavirus has put over half of Las Vegas residents to the point where they may be forced to sell their homes, or even break their rent to move to another location.

Las Vegas, Nevada is known to have over 40 Million tourist a year. But during the past two years during COVID-19, has taken that down to a third or less… Please understand Las Vegas is all about visitors, and tourism. From the valet car parkers, to hotels, and even some shows have packed up for good.

Not to mention the everyday employees that work at local restaurants, construction, and shows. Have all felt the pain. With the hope of COVID-19 being controlled, shows hope… But after two years, can most recover?

Some businesses have held up, unlike some locals. Such as the adult entertainment world. Offering Private Las Vegas Strippers, Las Vegas Escorts, and even Las Vegas Outcall Nuru Massages. Only growing not shrinking, due to women and sexy girls looking for more or just about anything to make extra cash during this pandemic.

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