My Valentines date with a Las Vegas callgirl Part 2

Las Vegas escort in my hotel room hallway
Recreation of the event with the escort in my hotel room hallway

I started my search a few days before during my first post, about how I plan to hire a Las Vegas callgirl to be my date. During the days since, I have reviewed options, prices, girls, such as should I hire a Private Las Vegas Stripper, or Escorts in Las Vegas?

Upon calling the girls talked very sweet, but most felt rushed.. busy as I can assume. However they always got to the point, and gave me a bit of time to ask my few key questions about girls, prices, and if that date was available.

Trust me I know some people are thinking why would you want to hire a girl for a date?! But my other option is rather boring, and lets try to spice things up with something new. I hear even couples do this with threesomes.

During my calls I asked if any escorts would also strip, to give me the open-end option about possible sex or whatever.. My main goal, to spend time with a sexy girl in a Las Vegas hotel room, talking, stripping and maybe more…

So the plan is set, now it happens

It started off with me of course renting the hotel room. I then called and confirmed my location and request for a date with an escort. Nervous feelings rushing though me as I wait, they said it should take anywhere from 30 minutes to 1 hour as some hotels can take longer than others. I waited eagerly and nervously wondering what I would say, once I opened the door, and than after.

A Knock at the room door! This is about to start!

I welcome the sexy young lady, almost just like the girl from the photo. Only slightly darker hair, but that could be explained and didn’t concern me after looking her over.

Hey Sweetie, are you Brandon?

says the escort

Of course, please come inside

I said

How is your night? Oh, and have you left the deposit on the table?

said the escort

I did, I put the full $500 inside, plus I have tips in my pockets for later 🙂

I said

This is all I can really say, from this point on, if you find yourself here… just go with the flow and enjoy your time, I know I did!

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