Beginning this search isn’t easy, we understand as everyone wants those strip club-worthy girls hired for private strip shows or parties like bachelor party strippers. Searching online through classifieds, or low-budget businesses with slick ads pretending to be upscale girls to the room. All this can be confusing and worrisome, so let us help by sharing some private stripper agencies and even independent fully nude dancers’ information below. Call to book a private Las Vegas Stripper anytime!

Hire Las Vegas Stripper Victoria


Professional Las Vegas Stripper you can hire for private dances and shows at your parties or events.

Blonde Vegas Stripper for hire who also works at strip clubs


Blonde country girl Lora loves to ride the high of life all night long!

Asian Las Vegas Stripper


Asian Las Vegas Escort looking to answer outcall requests for private adult entertainment.

BDSM Las Vegas Stripper bondage


BDSM bondage stripper ready with whips and all. Just call to book you anytime 24/7.


Big black booty stripper, looking for private adult parties and events.

Roxy the Las Vegas Stripper


Strip Club girl looking for private hire in Las Vegas for nude dances hourly.

Two girl special on Las Vegas Strippers


Two girls special on these sexy euro escorts in Las Vegas, looking to party!

Maid Stripper in Las Vegas


Latina maid stripper Rosa can arrive fully ready to clean and please!

Las Vegas Stripper Model


Sexy model who is willing to strip for private parties and events. She wants you to know, all her clients are left happy.

Las Vegas Stripper


A southern girl who strips at local Las Vegas strip clubs, looking for private hire for outcall adult dances.

Cherry the Las Vegas Stripper almost nude in bed


California model, looking for hourly escort work in Las Vegas the city of sin!

Mexican Las Vegas Stripper


Spanish girl from Mexico City, Mexico looking to start stripping.

Las Vegas Stripper Harley sucks a bandanna


Sexy shows, extras if tipped, and even more from the Joker’s girlfriend here in the neon city of lust.

Hire Outcall Jasmine the Las Vegas Stripper


Exotix woman for full GFE and companionship with sensual massages or shows.

Female Las Vegas Stripper for outcall private hire who also models


VIP stripper Taylor offers the best dances and experience.

Private hire Las Vegas Stripper


LVNE College Stripper also stripping at local Las Vegas strip clubs. This girl is ready for private at home or in your room parties.

School girl Las Vegas Stripper


Ready to put on a strip show for private hire in Las Vegas, Nevada. Fully ready with schoolgirl outfits and more!

Upscale Las Vegas Strippers


Upscale Stripper in Las Vegas, with previous strip club experience.

LVNE Student Stacy is a private Las Vegas stripper


LVNE Student looking to make some extra money during the Las Vegas nightlife as a nude dancer

Latina outcall Las Vegas Stripper


Latina curvy fully nude strip dancer in Las Vegas for outcall shows and parties.

VIP Las Vegas Outcall Stripper


New York City strip club stripper here in Las Vegas for private shows and more.

Big booty Las Vegas Stripper looking for a party


Fully nude dances with extras if tipped are available 24/7 for adult entertainment experiences you will never forget.

18 year old Las Vegas Stripper


New 18 year old looking to services fully nude strip shows in Las Vegas.

Exotic Las Vegas Stripper


From Spain, and stripping experience who wants to put on a fully nude dance.

Las Vegas Stripper Ass


Just a country girl from South Carolina dancing all over the country.

Latina Las Vegas Stripper Julia


Former porn star, with features of being the sexy maid! Hire Julia for that Latina Love!

Redhead Female Stripper in Las Vegas


Local LVNE College girl with ruby red hair, looking for a good time!

Blonde Las Vegas Stripper Bambi


Fitness Las Vegas Stripper you can hire for outcall fully nude dances for events.

Vegas Stripper


If you like big butts, you will love this escort, thin waist, and fat ass!

Two Mexican Las Vegas Strippers


Mexican Latina Strippers, from Mexico city. Stripping here in Las Vegas for parties and private events.

Private Hire Las Vegas Stripper Carrie


Previously working with Sapphire and Rhino. You can hire this skilled female dancer hourly.

Asian Las Vegas Stripper Kiki


Asian Stripper Kiki is in Las Vegas, providing fully nude stripteases.

Mandy the brunette Stripper in Las Vegas


Fully nude entertainment right to your hotel room, from Mary the Las Vegas Stripper.

Sarah the Las Vegas Stripper from Miami


From Miami, Florida! This beach-loving beauty wants to dance for private nude shows in your Sin City hotel room.

Las Vegas Female Stripper


Blonde Cali girl working in Las Vegas, for any events with extras available.

Real Las Vegas Stripper Briana


Works at Las Vegas Strip clubs, this new Stripper is ready to dance in your room.

VIP Las Vegas Stripper


Blonde high-class female stripper for private shows in your home or hotel.

Blonde Private Stripper in Las Vegas


Upscale stripper for private adult dance shows for an hourly payment.

Las Vegas Stripper


Tara loves party favors! With tons of extras offered for tips or extra hours.

Las Vegas Stripper Lori


With a range of sexy outfits, this Las Vegas stripper is ready to put on a show in your hotel room or house.

How to treat strippers

Have you ever wanted to hire a stripper, dealing with a wide range of prices, websites, and even what girl or how many girls. Be sure to ask if it’s fully nude dances, or not as this might matter later. You can always tip for extras with our girls, but everything is up to her.

Our agency not only screens girls in advance, ensuring you have a good time. This process, requires an office, employees, and a Nevada business license to outcall private stripper entertainers. Because of this, our VIP Strippers in Las Vegas are priced fairly, don’t fall for a $39 scam on some handout while walking down the strip.

Some people hire strippers for showgirls during conventions, or even a guys poker night at your friend’s house. The number one reason, of course, is for Las Vegas bachelor party girls to strip fully nude during their party or event. Secondly, the one-on-one private strip show in your hotel room. Updating our website displaying as many photos and details as possible, helps you save time during the call. But of course please feel free to call or SMS for more details and information.

As stated the fact is many of the hottest entertainers working in the best Las Vegas Strip Clubs also do private shows right in your hotel room. The best part is you found us and many of these girls work with this website. The truth is we have far more female strippers working with us than we have listed on the website – over 200! The experience you will have when you hire Las Vegas strippers direct to your hotel room is very different than what you will get at the club. For one it’s your room and it’s private! 

Avoid the smoke and crowds of the strip clubs. Forget about overpriced drinks, just buy your own booze and mix it up. There won’t be any over-lording hosts and bouncers to contend with.  No VIP room fees, credit card charges, and tips for anyone but the strippers. You won’t have to pay for transportation to and from the club, just relax in the room – she comes to you.

No need to get dressed up as there is no dress code in your own room. Beyond all those positive points the atmosphere is much more relaxed and intimate. The separation between topless clubs and all nude clubs dissolves. Your room requires no special business license. There won’t be any competition for the girl’s attention, they are there for your private party. It is also worth noting that there is a lot that private strippers can do at your hotel room that would never fly at any club in town. 

Girl-on-girl shows, role play, and even toy shows. Most girls to the room don’t want their pictures published for fear that the clubs they work at might find out about their moonlighting and we feel blurred faces look tacky so we don’t list them. Basically, all you have to do is call and describe what kind of dancer/stripper your looking for and we can line it up.  Be sure to check out our packages too.

Discrete and professional

All of our dancers who work as out-call entertainers are licensed as is our business. This is important as it is tempting to hire a private stripper from a website like or the like. Most girls listed on sites like this are not licensed and not connected to a licensed business so although you might save a few bucks, buyer beware. Because independent strippers are not licensed or connected to a licensed business there is no way to verify if the girls are of age, legal to work or worse have been victims of human trafficking.

Additionally, all the girls who work at our agency are trained to be discreet and professional and will not cause you grief or embarrassment with hotel staff or security. They have also been trained in the art of a good show and truly know how to entertain.

There is nothing worse than booking girls to the room from some seedy site or stripper card some hustler handed you on the strip only to have to average looking girls show up, get naked, provide no show to speak of, and demand money. This is show business and the show our strippers provide is how we stay in business!

Bachelor parties

The more the merrier! Of course, we do bachelor parties. For large groups such as bachelor parties, we do recommend one stripper to every two or three attendees, that way everyone is sure to get enough attention and the girls have the opportunity to show the party how much they enjoy each other as well. Bachelor parties are great but keep in mind we cater to all groups. Everything from solo encounters, to couples, and even bachelorette parties are welcome to book Las Vegas Strippers!

Even more tips when hiring a private Las Vegas Stripper

Best Las Vegas Strippers at the clubs

As we stated previously we love a night out at a Vegas strip club as much as anyone! The strip clubs have a lot to offer and the two experiences are different in many ways. At any of the top strip clubs in Sin City, you’re going to find a party atmosphere. Complete with: high energy music, and entertaining Disc Jockey / M.C, stocked bar, tables, waitresses, bartenders, hundreds of beautiful entertainers, staff to attend to your every desire, VIP rooms, and a thousand other party people like yourselves enjoying the night out.

Although the times are great, they don’t come cheap. Drink prices are notoriously high and VIP rooms can break the bank for the average person. On top of that, the average strip club guest has transportation to and from the club and high cover charges to contend with.  Not to mention credit card and ATM fees. After all that you will find yourself in a room full of people competing for the stripper’s attention. 

Perhaps you find a dancer that you are really into and take her to the VIP room and after all the charges, the bottle of the campaign, tips to the dancer the host, and the waitress; all you really wanted to ask, was if said dancer would be willing to do a private show in your hotel room. It’s your call, but we don’t recommend you ask this at the club. 

It’s always against club policy for their entertainers to do “private shows”, leave with a guest, or even exchange phone numbers. So even if you are fortunate enough to have a girl dancing for you that does private shows, she is not at liberty to say so, it will cost her her job at the club. 

Strip clubs are interested in keeping their girls dancing at the club and in you continuing to buy overpriced champagne in the VIP. Think about your night out at the strip club and what you’re going to spend. After the limo ride, cover charge, overpriced drinks, overpriced bottles in the VIP, 400 to 500 an hour for her time, and don’t forget the tips.

Where are the Las Vegas Strip Clubs

Las Vegas Strip Clubs

Spearmint Rhino is almost directly across the street from headquarters and is something of a late-night beacon of debauchery. The club is almost always packed a real, must-see tourist trap. You can read our blog post on the best Las Vegas Strip Clubs here.

Furthermore, the décor is straight out of a Penthouse photo set. The floors are carpeted in pure leopard hide and the walls are adorned with trophies larger than life rhinoceros heads. Soaked in an aural spender, the Rhino – as locals affectionately call it – is totally surreal. It’s also worth mentioning that the talent is fantastic and so are the chicken fingers.

Just down the street, you’ll find Sapphire, the self-proclaimed “world largest strip club”. This is an audacious claim indeed as there is not an ounce of truth to it. That said, Sapphire is large. This converted gymnasium and workout center has become a strip club for the masses. Unfortunately, the place is overpriced to the point of gouging. Here, you will find eighteen-dollar bud lights and VIP rooms that will require a second mortgage to sit in.

After you pay your thirty-dollar cover for the privilege to enter, prepare to be immediately attacked by a platoon of strippers. That’s because Sapphire is known to run over 400 girls a night. How this is anyone’s idea of a good time is beyond us.

If Sapphire is the Crip set soaked in blue, its rival Crazy Horse III, resides on the other side of town just behind Mandalay Bay, and as the Blood set is draped in red. In this particular Las Vegas strip club rivalry, we side with Crazy Horse III. The place is like a tuned-up Miami joint that rages twenty-four hours a day seven days a week.

Almost always packed wall to wall with party people and dripping hot entertainers, Crazy Horse III is also home to our favorite strip club jock in the city, Marky Mark. This United Kingdom native is well known in the industry and in his 20 plus years in the business has overseen the biggest parties and the most intense rooms in the strip club game. Both hilarious and unwavering on the mic, Mark makes the main room at Crazy Horse III one you won’t want to miss.

The Rideworks staff agrees on the granddaddy of them all, and our all-time favorite strip club in Vegas is the Palomino. It’s the oldest strip club in town, but don’t get the wrong idea. Although the club has been in continuous operation since 1969, the talent is as fresh as it gets.

It’s good to have a monopoly business and Palomino has it, as they are the only club in town with all nude dancers who are eighteen and up with a full liquor license. The talent is amazing and the staff is friendly. Palomino is a heaven on earth and our Las Vegas escorts are always thrilled when a client takes them out for a night at the Palomino Club.

Strip Clubs vs Private Strippers

To be clear we love a great night out at the Vegas strip club. The strip clubs in Sin City are famous the world over and feature the hottest dancers on the west coast if not the country. That said these women are in the running for some of the hottest strippers on the planet. The good news is most of our girls who do outcall private shows for our agency also grace the stages of Las Vegas’s best strip clubs. 

The stripper who shows up at your hotel room door on Saturday night could very well be one of the stunning entertainers lighting up the stage of Spearmint Rhino, Sapphire, Crazy Horse III, or Palomino night. There is a lot of crossover between the two formats with the girls. 

Often our girls tell us that they need a break from the club environment, or that the strip clubs are stacking too many women on the floor and it gets too competitive. The girls also enjoy the freedom a private hotel room gives them to perform how they want without a VIP host monitoring their every move. 

There is also a segment of girls who would rather work the private shows because they have been suspended from their club of choice for going ” above and beyond ” to please a client. Whatever the reasons for these Vegas strippers doing private shows, it’s a win for our clients as they are booking strip club-quality girls without the strip club housing them.

Costumes and Themes

It’s your room, it’s your party, have it your way. The strippers working at our agency enjoy theme parties and love to dress up and role play. So whether it’s a sexy French maid, the hot nurse, schoolgirl, or lingerie party we have all your costume and theme desires covered. Simply explain what you would like the girls to wear when you call, it’s just that easy when you hire Las Vegas Strippers.

Escorts vs. Private Strippers

Some Las Vegas strippers are also escorts but not all. If you are looking for a bit more than a hot strip show and lap dances we recommend you hire Vegas escorts. Our affiliate escort agency can surely provide that sort of entertainment. That said there are escorts at a said agency that also strip and dance, some are the very same girls, but it is always best to book an escort and request the one that provides a strip show and not book a stripper and expect that she provide escort services. Just know your stuff before you choose to hire Las Vegas Strippers, and remember you can always call and ask questions to our local call girls.