Recent Vegan Escorts begins to question everything!

Vegan Escort questions working with meat of all types. This story explains her journey from a meat eater, beater, and now hide and seeker. Our next guest, let’s call her Wendy from this point forward.

Hello and welcome “Wendy”, can you teall us about your story?

Brad Dangerfield Journilest

I just wanted to share my story as I feel others could also be facing meatfobia. Seeking a healthy diet, I started off with meat.

But this led, me to see meat in everything not only food related, but also physical in the real world and even sexual.

Did I want my boyfrinds meat, entering my body in anyway?

Wendy the Vegan

So you felt like any sexual act was putting meat into your body… But it’s not dead, right? or does that matter or are you considering him/us animals?

Brad Dangerfield Journilest

It’s hard to explain, I just felt fully committed to plants… even sexually

When I learned about the veganishmum diet, taking the vegetarian starvation of a diet into deadly levels. Foolishly, I believed everything!

Now I’m happy to say that I suck cock and eat meat again!

Wendy the Ex-Vegan Porn Star
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